Is Spanish Fly Drug?

dried bodies of spanish flySpanish fly, did you heard about this special insect anytime in the past? Yes, you are right, the spanish fly term is frequently used by people with low libido problems.  They believe that this small green popular beetle have aphrodisiac and mystical effects. They are right!

Spanish fly was used for centuries for various mostly seduction purposes, personally know about the case where Madame de Montespan used low dosage of original spanish fly to poison the king Louis XIV but…

What is Spanish Fly and How does it work?

Spanish fly (Lytta Vesicatoria) is an emerald-green blister beetle (Meloidae family). It is around approximately 5 mm wide by 20 mm long. Body of this insect is slender, soft, metallic and iridescent.

The aphrodisiac effect is mostly known by Cantharidin which is only defensive chemical used by this beetle. This is so interesting substance and people believe that cantharidin is the reason why does spanish fly work as an aphrodisiac.

I will make this really simple for you and tell you that original green beetle spanish fly works but it is extremely dangerous and could be overdosed pretty easily and this overdose may be fatal. Spanish fly could be a powerful aphrodisiac drug in hands of super-experienced user and provide great results. Use on your own risk.

How to use spanish fly and what are the effects?

Firstly, the only way how to get any potentional effects is ingest a dose of spanish fly orally. The truth is that cantharidin is irritant and we need to repeat that one more time. Any, even minor overdose cause extreme abdominal pain (remember you are eating a chemical), respiratory and heart problems, renal failure, bloody urine, convulsions, coma, and death.

People swear that women can expect increased libido and men long-lasting erections. Put the right dosage of it and men can experience an erection which will not go away easily. There are cases where medical intervention were needed regarding erection problems.

People in modern world don’t need to use spanish fly, there are better, more powerful and what is most important – safe alternatives.

Spanish Fly PRO

This is the first and most important alternative in my eyes. This product created for everyone who need help with low libido issues. They are using a Spanish Fly name for branding purposes but the ingredients are 100% herbal based and effects are clearly visible.

Based on our research, we can clearly stay behind the statement that spanish fly pro is probably the most potent aphrodisiac on the market available today and what is most important, it is designed for both genders!

What you need to do is put 5 drops of Spanish fly pro into the beverage of your choice and wait 5-10 minutes for desired effects. Drops itself have a yellow color and grapefruit taste.

Main ingredients of this product are:

  • Maca extract
  • L-Arginine HCl
  • Tribulus terrestris 60%
  • Guarana 8%
  • Caffeine
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Zinc

NOTICE: Me any my girlfriend, we are both healthy and fit in our middle 30s and reviews below are based ONLY on our personal experience with products.

Spanish Fly PRO Review – My Experience

I decided to test all products which will be included in this article. The Spanish Fly PRO is a product which is getting the most feedback from the users around the internet. I personally found a large number of reviews – user based or on review portals. They were giving a various but mostly positive rating to this product.

Found a special deal for free worldwide shipping and small discount so I bought one bottle straight away. Shipping times vary according your final destination but, me, living in US got the package in 6 business days. No product name on the box or anything like that so big kudos for this, also nothing suspicious on my credit card.

Opened the box and found a nice looking little bottle with all papers and nutrition facts, everything looks 100% legit and safe, which is most important for me.

Let’s taste it!

Asked my girlfriend to taste it with me. We both chose the red wine as a beverage and put around 5-7 drops into each glass of wine. We both took a little sip of red wine to answer the question if drops are able to change the flavour of it. NO! It taste the same as before. GREAT! So after this discovery, we drink the whole glass to get all drops into us.

After that we start watching a movie and talked a little bit. After 10 minutes  the movie became a really boring (she picked it) and I start excessively thinking about the sex. The urge was bigger and bigger and I start looking at her if she feel the same effect. I don’t know if you are aware of feeling when you urgently need to touch someone in passionate way, cuddle with him or her and you know… have sex with your opposite.

She looked at me and I knew she feel the same as me. We start kissing and we end up naked with having only one thing in our minds. Enjoy the sex as much as possible. And we did. It was one of the best sexual experience with my girlfriend, don’t personally know how much from this could be a placebo effect but we both certainly felt something special. Everything was much more intense for both of us.

For me is Spanish Fly PRO the most powerful aphrodisiac for women and men!

Spanish Fly LOVE

This is the second option for people who need a potent herbal based aphrodisiac with spanish fly in the name. It was created in 2016 and the popularity of it is growing rapidly till today. I also found a numerous positive reviews on this product and the price is lower than Spanish Fly PRO.  Ability of this product is to provide short term but also long term effects after using it for certain period of time.

Short term effects are well known: increased libido and interest in sex, better vaginal lubrication, more intense orgasm etc.

Long Term Effects: better overall mood and more energy

Spanish Fly LOVE Review – My Experience

I finished Spanish fly Pro and immediately ordered this LOVE in a bottle. Everything went really smooth and fine. Spend half hour with a guy on live chat talking about the product and everything about. He assured me that LOVE is FDA approved and 100% safe with all certificates. So I ordered and got my bottle exactly after 10 business days after sending payment.

I took my bottle of Spanish Fly LOVE with me on vacation to Spain. The vacation was wonderful and will tell you why. On first evening we decide with my girlfriend went for a walk in sunset time and then nice dinner in good restaurant.

After we arrived at our apartment I decided to test our LOVE with Spanish Fly LOVE (lol). I put 7 drops to each glass of water (it is hot here).

We both drink it and wait a 15 minutes. To make things simple: We had a nice sex, maybe little bit better than usual but didn’t felt anything special. After this experience we put a few drops in morning and went on street. To be honest, LOVE improve my overall mood, I felt more happy and somewhat energic and my girlfriend too. And happy and somewhat satisfied girlfriend = great sex, I agree. Sex is more energic, we can do more rounds easily, its more crazy, funny and I like it, no, I love it.

Try yourself and write me, happy to hear your opinion.

What else can Spanish fly PRO offer to anyone willing to try it?

  • Stop Vaginal Dryness
  • Increase Low Libido and Sexual Desire
  • Ability to Achieve Orgasm
  • Highest Quality Ingredients
  • Boost Sexual Arousal at Any Age!
  • Other Benefits and Features


Original spanish fly is so dangerous but still really powerful drug in experienced hands. But, buying a dried spanish fly powder is almost impossible for real person. If you want to go safe with more effectivity, with less price and 100% herbal based products, I recommend you to try Spanish Fly Pro or Spanish Fly LOVE, both are great.

Spanish fly could be really helpful for you. You can easily help yourself from low libido problems, improve your sexual life and so on.

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