Getting in the Mood for Sex – Breaking Through Intimacy Issues

If you’re a woman between 18 to 59, then according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, there’s a 43% chance that you suffer from a sexual issue having to do with getting in the mood for sex.

The goal of this article is to take you out of that 43%, and help you to become a woman who has no problem getting aroused and enjoying good sex with your partner.

First, we’ll start with possible causes of loss of sex drive. Then, we’ll give you a number of solutions to consider.

10 Possible Causes of Low Sex Drive

1. Overworked, Too Busy, and Too Tired For Sex
A lot of us pride ourselves when we say, “I’m a very busy person,” and have lots and lots of responsibilities. But,
being overworked and fatigued can sap the energy you need to perform in the bedroom.

If you’re busiest during the week, and particularly have low sex drive during the week, then that might be a sign right there: for you personally, low sex drive correlates with having a very busy schedule.

To be sure, you can be very, very busy, and still have a high libido. Many people do.

But, if you’re overworked and so emotionally drained that you’re not emotionally available for your partner, then you have a problem that needs to be resolved.

2. Nutritional Deficiency Leading to Low Testosterone Production

Testosterone is not just for men—-it’s for women, too. It’s necessary for a healthy sex drive in women, and research has shown that when testosterone is low (known as low T), lowered sex drive follows.

If low testosterone has not reached medical proportions, then it’s relatively easy to resolve: just eat a more balanced, nutrient-rich diet. You can also make an effort to enjoy testosterone-boosting foods, such as tuna, oysters, and beans.

If you prefer vegetarian sources, then bananas, Brazil nuts, and broccoli are worth adding to your diet. Vitamin D is also important for testosterone production.

3. Medical Reasons Such As Menopause and Hypogonadism

Whereas the point above talked about low testosterone due to nutritional deficiencies, there are also medical causes of low testosterone, such as menopause or hypogonadism.

A doctor may prescribe supplemental testosterone, which can ultimately help increase your sex drive.

4. Partner Issues

A lot can be written about this one. Basically, if there’s friction between the two of you, one of you may begin to lose interest in the other.

5. Past Issues

This can do with other relationships, or the past of the current relationship you’re in. You may carry emotional baggage from other relationships, or feel that your partner doesn’t think that you “perform well” in bed.

6. Body Image

This has more to do with self-image and self-confidence. Let’s suppose you’ve been with your partner for years (say, you’re married). When you got married, both of you were in good shape. Maybe you didn’t have athletic bodies, but you were in good shape.

Now, let’s suppose that over the years, you either put on a lot of weight or otherwise didn’t feel good about your body. You don’t feel as sexy as you once did, and to make things worse, your partner doesn’t look at you the way they used to.

One simple approach to this cause of low libido is to get yourself into even better shape than you were in before.

7. Boredom

If your sex sessions are morbidly predictable, then it’s easy to see why you may be bored. You might not even know it yourself.

It can be tricky to see that you’re bored with your sex life, since you’ll still engage in sex. But, with boredom, the drive and the passion won’t be there. You’ll see it as more of a chore than of something to be excited about.

The solution to this is simple: try something new. There are many ways to add fun back into your sex life.

8. Lack of Foreplay

Some men and women may need extended foreplay before they fully get into the mood. For them, sex is not just something where they can “just dive in.” It shouldn’t be rushed, but rather warmed up to.

If you’re bored with your sex life, try adding extended foreplay to your encounters.

9. Erectile Dysfunction

Though ED is thought to be a male-only affliction, it can actually affect women, too.
In fact, WebMD reports that ED contributes to problems experienced by 43% of women and 31% of men.

10. Postpartum Depression (and Depression In General)

If you’ve just had a baby, and are struggling with a new bout of depression, you might be experiencing what’s called postpartum depression.

It’s known that depression can lower one’s desire to do much of anything—-to get out of bed, to accomplish much, to live life. It’s easy to see how this can affect your ability to get in the mood.

Any form of depression, if severe and seemingly uncontrollable, is a mental health issue, and requires the expertise of a counselor, psychiatrist, and/or doctor.

How To Gradually Increase Libido and Easily Get In The Mood For Sex More Often

1. Aim to Gradually Increase the Number of Sessions You Have Per Week

Though this tip isn’t a get-in-the-mood tip per se, it’s still something worth trying. By increasing the frequency of your sessions, even gradually, you could start to get used to it, and your body will be conditioned to create more testosterone on a continual basis.

2. Don’t Bring Work Into The Bedroom

When you leave work, leave work. Particularly if you have a stressful, demanding job, do your level best to avoid bringing work issues into the home. And, don’t let it make you sour toward your loved ones, or cause you to take it out on them.

3. See Your Doctor

If you think you have symptoms that reflect the issues listed above, and you feel that you should at least talk to someone, try talking to your doctor.

4. Get Over Past Partner Issues and Enjoy The Person You’re With Now

This is especially important if, in the past, you had a partner who was very good at sex, but now, your current partner is not as good in bed.

This one might be easier said than done: get over that other person and enjoy the partner you’re with now. Maybe they’re not as good in bed, but you can appreciate the other characteristics of their personality.

5. Get Fit.

Not only are fitter bodies nicer to look at…they’re nicer to touch. When you’re healthy and in good shape, everything seems to work better.

Two studies, one that documented the effect of exercise on mens’ sex drives, and the other on women’s, showed that exercise had a positive effect on sex drives in men and women.

6. See Sex As A Great Way to Start the Day

Did you know that the morning is a great time to have sex? That’s what the research says.

Morning sex puts you in a better mood throughout the day. So, if you’d like to be happier, perform better, and just have a more positive outlook, consider having sex in the morning. The benefits aren’t limited to the bedroom.

7. Try A Libido-Increasing Product

You don’t need a prescription to try a product that can increase your sex drive. In fact, the problem with some prescriptions is the potential for side effects. Read on to discover a product that we feel could help spark sexual desire and eliminate any problems with getting in the mood for sex.

8. Condom or Contraceptive?

This next tip requires careful consideration. Basically, there’s a study that found that women who have unprotected sex are happier and have better moods. This is due to the believed mood-elevating and anti-depressant properties of semen.

Of course, if you do decide to try this, you have to know your partner, perhaps be sure you’re both safe, and consider the use of contraceptives.

9. Eat more testosterone-producing, aphrodisiac-containing foods.

We talked above about the importance of testosterone. Now, we’d like to tell you about aphrodisiacs, which are basically scents or foods that are believed to increase sex drive.

Almonds, chocolate, and basil contain aphrodisiacs. Of those 3, chocolate may be the most romantic and joyful. Be sure to get pure chocolate, not the candy bars that pass as chocolate.

Now, you have an excuse to enjoy chocolate.

But do you know what’s even better than chocolate when it comes to sex? A good aphrodisiac supplement called Spanish Fly Pro. It’s been known to increase libido by up to 300% and significantly improve sensitivity.

It’s perhaps one of the biggest ways to get in the mood for sex, since it works in as little as 5 minutes.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in your goal of increasing sex drive. We’re sure that if you try the tips listed here, and consider using Spanish Fly, you will notice a dramatic increase in how easy it is to get in the mood for sex.

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