7 Foods You Never Knew Were Destroying Your Libido and Relationship

Listed here are 7 “innocent” foods and drinks that might not be what they seem. These foods, in excess, can wreck havoc on your libido.

The goal of this article is to bring some of these foods to light. Then, we’ll offer alternatives in the form of lifestyle and diet changes that can help increase your libido.

Before getting into this article, we should state the obvious: though these foods, in small amounts and in moderation, might not have a negative effect, they may if eaten in large amounts or regularly.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s probably not the food itself that’s questionable, but rather how that food is grown and prepared. For example, deep-frying foods, or exposing them to high temperatures, can destroy otherwise beneficial enzymes and nutrients naturally found in those foods.

The 7 Foods That Are Possibly Destroying Your Libido

1. Alcohol

This one’s tricky. Yes, alcohol can be enjoyed with friends, red wine can be used to complement a romantic atmosphere, and makes for a great gift.

However, as with most things, when taken to excess, it can have negative consequences.

It’s good to note that each person may react differently to alcohol. I don’t know you as a person, but for some women, too much drinking can make them feel sleepy and not in the mood.

Or, if they are in the mood, they may not have the best sex possible. They may, in fact, end up doing something they later regret.

To avoid alcohol ruining your libido, follow the advice that’s been taught since high school: know your limits. Drink responsibly, and please…don’t drive drunk.

2. Soy?

I phrase soy as a question because the debate still continues as to whether it’s actually beneficial. Soy is said to lower testosterone, which is a hormone necessary in both men and women. Testosterone correlates to having a high sex drive.

At least soy is better for women than it is for men.

3. Foods With Added Hormones

The bigger the cow and the more milk they produce, the more money the cow can bring to the farmer.

In an effort to increase financial yields, factory farms do something that steroid-using bodybuilders do: inject and feed growth hormones to their cattle. By doing so, the cattle grow bigger, faster.

By having cattle that grows bigger and produce more milk, the farming corporations get more money.

But, those hormones can move up the food chain, and if you enjoy meat from a hormone-fed animal, those hormones might effectively be reducing your sex drive.

There are some steps to enjoying meat as much as you can.

First, you can ask how the animal was raised.

You can get free-range eggs.

You can shop at a farmer’s market in your local area. In such markets, the farmer themselves are usually present to answer your questions about how your food was grown.

4. Over-processed, Empty Foods That Make You Fat

You know what these are. If you eat too much “junk,” or deep-fried foods that have lost their nutritional value, you could be wrecking havoc on your body and sex drive.

The big problem with nutrient-empty foods is that your body has a hard time digesting them. Your body naturally wants nutrient-dense foods that have their naturally-occurring digestive enzymes in them.

When these nutrients and enzymes are cooked out of the foods, and the foods become empty, the body has to effectively manufacture the enzymes needed for digesting these foods.

This function taxes the body, exhausts it, and therefore, distracts it from producing testosterone and other hormones required for a high sex drive.

5. The Typical “Energy Drink”

Though it’s arguable that an energy drink can help you “perform better,” it won’t increase your desire. Yes, you’ll have a boost of energy, so it might be worth trying, but be careful: you could crash and burn out.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t avoid an energy drink. It’s something you have to try out for yourself.

6. Corn Flakes Cereal

John Harvey Kellogg, as you can guess by his last name, was the man behind Kellogg’s cereals.

He ironically believed that sex led to health problems, and that people had to have their sexual desires reduced.

7. Coffee

Coffee can spike cortisol, which is a fight-or-flight stress hormone. This can make it difficult to relax, and as you know, relaxation is important for getting in the mood.

If you drink coffee, that’s fine, but be sure that you allow time to lapse before spending intimate time with your partner.

So, avoid, or greatly limited, the 7 above-mentioned foods and drinks. By following the tips listed below, you’ll be on your way to increasing your libido.

You Can Increase Your Libido With These Lifestyle and Diet Choices

1. Balanced Diet

Since it’s such an overused phrase, you may be wondering what a “balanced diet” is, but as far as we’re concerned, just avoid (or minimize) the foods listed above.

Eat green, leafy salads.

Be sure to drink lots of alkaline water.

And speaking of diet, I have an article on 6 discrete aphrodisiac-containing foods that you can enjoy. They’re healthy and will increase your desire to head to the bedroom.

2. The Right Exercise

Since testosterone is a key hormone for libido, that’s what you want to increase, and you increase testosterone by doing muscle-building exercises.

You don’t need to spend all day, or even hours, at the gym. In fact, that’d be counter-productive, because, after about 45 minutes to an hour of exercise, cortisol increases. You want to limit your muscle-building exercises to about an hour, 2 or 3 times per week.

Some people overlook the importance of aerobics, but I feel it should be added in. Though aerobics might not increase your libido the way muscle-building exercises do, aerobics can still increase your endurance.

3. Reflexology

Reflexology has to do with stimulating certain areas of the foot (and other parts of the body), with your hand (or, your partner’s hand).

It’s been said that massaging the big toe and ankle are key areas for libido stimulation.

Reflexology is something I’ve found to be fun, intimate…and it works. Try it!

4. De-Stress and Relax

If you’re a Type A personality, then you don’t have to do as much “work” as you think you do. You probably just need to relax…that’s all.

Type A people are often very competitive and driven, and that’s fine…to a point. When it comes to the bedroom, though, don’t get too competitive—-after all, you’re sharing an experience with someone, not competing against them.

Instead, you need to relax. A lot of us need to, as stress can be an inhibitor of your sex drive.

5. Set Up Your Room For Romance

I’m not sure how your room is set up now, but why not try adding some romantic decorations to it? Why not try changing the color of the lights? Why not use candles?

6. Try Adding An Aphrodisiac Supplement

We talked about aphrodisiac foods earlier, but the problem with foods is that, depending on where and how their grown, they may not have the quantity of nutrients needed to boost your libido.

And even then, you need the foods to adequately digest before they begin to increase your libido.

With a good libido supplement like Spanish Fly Pro, you’ll never doubt that you’ll definitely increase your libido in as little as 5 minutes.

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