6 Discrete Aphrodisiacs You Can Have on Any Date

Are you thinking of using an aphrodisiac supplement, but are worried about what your partner will think? There are tasty ways around that problem.

You don’t even have to mention the word aphrodisiac for you and your partner to enjoy their benefits.

All you need is a little bit of knowledge about menu items that can really help you in the sack. And the next time you’re at a restaurant buying dinner for 2, you can make “suggestions” to your date! Just say something like, “Have you ever tried pickled oysters? I think they’re great.”

6 Aphrodisiac-Containing Foods Found In Most Restaurants (So That You Can Have A Very Romantic Date)

1. Oysters can be enjoyed in so many ways. They can be boiled, steamed, pickled, canned, raw, and are probably the healthiest when served on the half shell.

Oysters from the deep water are excellent sources of calcium, zinc, iron, and other nutrients. Zinc is particularly noteworthy, as it helps in testosterone production. (And as a side note, testosterone is not just for men—-it’s a sex hormone that’s equally beneficial in both sexes.)

2. Caviar is sometimes known as fish eggs or roe and is full of amino acids, which helps increase blood flow. If you have a choice, try to get the non-pasteurized eggs.

3. Just like oysters, clams also have amino acids. If you’re a woman who needs her iron, it’s good to know that you can get about 100% of your daily needs from one serving.

4. Avocados are interesting: when you see them growing, they’re usually in pairs, hanging low. These visual characteristics represent the testes, and that’s probably why the Aztecs considered them an aphrodisiac. They’re high in beta carotene, magnesium, vitamin E, and have more potassium than a banana.

5. Asparagus is high in 2 sexually enhancing nutrients: vitamin E (the “sex vitamin”), and potassium. Vitamin E helps increase blood flow and oxygen to the genitals, while potassium is good for sex hormone production.

6. It’s said that carrots are their shape for a reason. Carrots grown in nutrient-rich soil have optimal amounts of beta-carotene and other hormone-producing ingredients.


A Few Aphrodisiac Drinks You Two Can Enjoy

Red wine, as you might have guessed, belongs on this list. Research suggests that women who drink one or two glasses of red wine daily have stronger libidos. That means that instead of just enjoying that glass of wine, why not order a bottle to take home?

Although not a red wine, white port is another wine worth considering.

It’s also worth mentioning that freshly pressed drinks from any of the foods listed here would be a good aphrodisiac. Although most canned, processed drinks will have some nutrients left, you really want to go for not-from-concentrate drinks. Freshly squeezed is even better.

…And For Desert…

The scent of pumpkin pie can, in and of itself, be an aphrodisiac. Combined with lavender, both scents helped increase penile blood flow by about 40%, on average, in study participants.

Dark chocolate. Of course, this doesn’t include the chocolate bars that you get at the corner store (which you won’t find at a good restaurant). What we’re talking about is cocoa. It makes you feel good because it contains phenethylamine which is a neurotransmitter.

Top 6 Little-Known Aphrodisiacs You Can Enjoy At Home

What do you do when you can’t go out to a restaurant, and prefer to stay home instead? You can enjoy some romantic home cooking, and with the 6 aphrodisiacs listed below, you can be well on your way.

1. Organic, raw (non-pasteurized) honey is rich in B vitamins and supports testosterone production. For women, it contains boron, which is important for estrogen production.

2. Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. Not only is zinc, which is found in pumpkin, good for male potency, it’s also good for preventing prostrate problems.

3. Soy is a bit of a controversy, but worth mentioning. Some say that soy should be avoided, while others say it’s fine as long as it’s fermented. To be sure, soy has the most benefit for women, since it correlates with lower PMS and better lubrication. We urge you to look into the soy controversy, and in the meantime, have it occasionally, in limited amounts.

4. One of the best-selling aphrodisiacs, especially for women, is ginseng. It’s believed to be a revitalizer of the human body, and can trigger libido-increasing biochemical mechanisms.

5. Celery stimulates the “master gland,” otherwise known as pituitary gland, which regulates the production of sex hormones. A good thing about celery is that it’s low in calories. In fact, it’s said to be a calorie-negative food. This means that overall, the body burns more energy chewing and digesting celery than it gets from it.

Just be careful: celery can cause severe allergic reactions in people who are allergic to it.

6. Chilli peppers, because they’re spices, and due to their red, passionate color, are said to be aphrodisiacs. Their irritant characteristics (the way they make your body act when you eat them), qualifies them to be on this list.

When selecting foods, the less processed, the better. Always try to select non-GMO foods grown in biodynamic soils. This article talked a lot about the nutrients in foods, but the quantity of nutrients in a food is dependent on various growing conditions.

Although foods, herbs, and drinks are a great source of aphrodisiac ingredients, it can be a challenge to eat them all the time. First, you have to consider the soils and the growing conditions the foods were farmed from. Then, you have remember which ones to eat. And even then, you have to eat enough of them, consistently, to get the appropriate amounts.

Though that is possible, it’s always good to have a little bit of “insurance,” something to back up your dietary efforts. That’s where our recommended supplement comes in.

Spanish Fly: An Aphrodisiac Supplement You Can Use Discretely

A lot of people like to keep some secrets closely guarded, which is understandable. No one has to ever know about the little things you do to get prepared. Likewise, Spanish Fly Pro, which is our landmark aphrodisiac supplement, can be your little secret.

Just a few drops added to any liquid contains enough aphrodisiacs in a concentrated form to really increase your sexual desire and sensitivity.

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