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Martin Beer

Martin Beer

Title: Director
Work: The Institute of Diagnostic Virology of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Greifswald-Insel Riems, Germany

Professor Dr Med. Vet. Martin Beer has 20-year expertise working with different animal viruses, in particular Pestiviruses (BVDV, BDV and CSFV), animal Herpesviruses (BHV-1), Influenza A viruses and Orbiviruses, with special emphasis on the development of novel vaccines and diagnostics. Recent research projects are focused on new diagnostic systems (e.g. real-time PCR, microarrays and next generation sequencing), and the development of marker vaccines as well as marker diagnostics allowing differentiation between vaccinated and infected animals (DIVA-principle). Recent research is also focused on the pathogenesis of Avian Influenza virus (AIV), Bluetongue virus (BTV) and Schmallenberg virus (SBV).

Board certified specialist in Veterinary Microbiology and Virology.