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Dik J. Mevius

Dik J. Mevius

Title: Professor
Work: Central Veterinary Institute, Lelystad, The Netherlands

Professor Dik Johan Mevius, DVM, PhD, veterinary microbiologist is an expert in the field of molecular epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance. At the Central Veterinary Institute in Lelystad, he is responsible for the Dutch national reference laboratory on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in animals. He coordinates the national monitoring programme of AMR in animals, annually reported in the MARAN-reports. He coordinates in addition numerous research projects on molecular epidemiology of AMR.

Since 2007 he holds a Chair in the field of antimicrobial resistance at Utrecht University and from 2010 until January 2014 he was Chairman of the Expert Panel of independent Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Authority (SDa) that records antibiotic use on farms . As a national expert on AMR, he was involved in scientific advisory groups of the EMA in London, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma, the European Commission in Brussels and the Dutch Government. The current research of his group is focused on Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamases, plasmids and other mobile genetic elements involved in the epidemiology of resistance genes and isolates and the association between AMR in bacteria in animals and in humans.